Wednesday, April 02, 2008

The Secret of Visualization

A popular video and book claim to be able to tell us "The Secret," which will bring all our dreams to life.

However, my experience leads me to believe too many people have deficient imaginations, unable to get off the couch or get its own snack foods, and thus, this powerful tool will be beyond them without considerable practice.

For instance, the depraved mayhem perpetrated on the country by the Republicans over the past seven years has not instructed some people's imagination to the point where they can easily visualize how perpetuating this Republican rule will, inevitably, lead to more mayhem.

I don't know how, but some people cannot use their imagination.

I really noticed this, of all things, watching the show "Sell This House," on one of the cable channels.

They would show videos of people going through perfectly fine houses, and complaining.

"This bathroom is kinda dark." (Geez, spring for some bulbs, would you?)

"The living room looks cluttered." (If you buy the house, it will be your living room, and you can decorate it any way you'd like.)

"I don't like that bedspread in the master bedroom." (In the name of all that's holy, did you not realize that bedspread is going to be on the U-Haul leaving the place once the papers are signed? It's not your bedspread!)

But once the expert came in (take out half the furniture, paint everything beige, and put a vase of fresh flowers in the foyer) the people couldn't stop talking about how roomy and welcoming the same place was.

They can't friggin' visualize.

Many people have imaginations so atrophied, so limited, so flabby from lack of exercise, they can't come up with a speculative scenario to save their life.

Even if it will.