Thursday, May 18, 2006

Name that delusion.

Worldandnation: Hitting the trail with nation's cyclist in chief: Standing on the driveway outside his home, President Bush explains the rules for people who go mountain biking with him. It will be a vigorous workout. It is not a race. And no one, the president says with a smile, is allowed to pass him.

So which delusion is this? So often, when I regard this man's behavior, the word "infantile" comes to mind. It's no different that playing with a pre-schooler who insists on rolling the dice until they get a number they like. As we mature, we realize that changing the rules is cheating.

And the man has a well known, and well documented, reality problem.

As parents, it behooves us to explain cheating and rules to our children. That's because mommy and daddy and big sister may relent and let them roll the dice as much as they like, the greater world does not have the same indulgence. It's a shock to discover that in your twenties, instead of when you are five.

What really matters in life: When the going gets tough, which will invariably occur, will these products of elite private schools have the wherewithal to confront adversity, tenaciously fight the good fight, maintain dignity and optimism, and cling to truth and other moral values while facing the maelstroms of existence?

Apparently not.

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