Monday, September 08, 2008

Reaching the Republican Oppressed

I think there's a chunk of the electorate that is waiting to be reached.

The really disaffected Republican voters. Not the ones who whisper to Obama. But the ones on a tier below that. I think of them as the Republican Oppressed.

In many Republican circles, one is the Alpha Dog... or one is nothing. From a community to a workplace to the family, this is simply how they arrange themselves. That leaves a lot of people doing all the grunt work, with little appreciation.

Deep in their hearts, they do think racism is wrong, that women are smart, that their physical problem or sexual orientation shouldn't make them feel less than human. Yet they are stuck in a deep red sea, unable to openly retaliate, dependent on people they secretly resent for treating them this way.

They aren't going to talk on the phone. They aren't going to speak in the street. One would have to reach them with a line in a speech.

Reach these people, the Republican Oppressed, by telling them:

You are not nothing. You matter.

They could nurture in their hearts a way of striking back. A way no one need know about. Alone in the ballot box, it could be their secret.

You are not nothing. You matter.

I think they would vote for someone, anyone, who would tell them that.

You are not nothing. You matter.

There would be an extraordinary psychological pull towards someone saying that to them.

Because no one ever has.


  1. Werebear:
    I surfed in here after reading your comment at Digby's. And I think I've seen your comments at Drifty's once or twice. I like your attitude. I poked around a bit, see you don't write too often. Cats got you down? ( We stay happy with one ;-)

    Anyway, I clicked on your links, KNOW the Reality Principles, and Chick Tract Reviews, and got the Google warning below; just FYI.

    Write more often; life is short here.


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  2. Jeez,

    The games have begun. And we're in their sights.

    I wish you were right, WB. You're a good person. Maybe too good for this wicked world.

    But I'm on your team.