Saturday, March 03, 2012

I love President Obama.

I was very clear in the title...why?

Because I believe he truly cares about all Americans. He is a kind man, or he wouldn't have passed the Affordable Care Act. My own life has been ruined once by lack of health care*... and is currently greatly impacted by such an issue.

Because I believe he is a genuinely intelligent and open-minded leader; and that this is one of those crisis times when we need the best our country can come up with.

Because he's a feminist; raised by a single mother, with an awesome First Lady and two daughters. One of his first actions was to pass the Lily Ledbetter Equal Pay Act.

Because he is extraordinarily skilled; his opposition is very powerful, with a propaganda organ masquerading as a "news outlet" and unlimited funds. And yet he is able to wipe the floor with them. Regularly.

Because have you seen the clown car that passes for the Republican candidates this year?

What has President Obama done?

*Short version: I had my own business with my first husband of 18 years. We couldn't afford health insurance. He died, I lost the business, the house, most of my pets, and 90% of my possessions.

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