Monday, April 30, 2012

Chromebook: Blogging

The Chromebook is made for blogging.

Since blogging is so much of what I do, there isn't any question about a Chromebook's usefulness, appropriateness, or potential or projected limitations. I write to publish online. What I need is online, where I'm read is online, and what I need to do is online, too.

Here in the 21st Century (you have problems, but I love you!) a writer is often a blogger, too. While I publish, more and more, on outlets like the Kindle platform, (I wrote Cat 911: Fixing their Care,) it is through blogging that I, like so many other authors, reach my audience. It is a way to engage people with shorter, more accessible works, and keep that audience informed and connected.

When we look at the Chromebook as that gateway to the Web it is designed to be, we begin to understand the boon it is. It is for creators, for whom a tablet is not enough. While iPads and the like are unrivaled for the consumption of content, the creation of content is what a Chromebook is born to do.

This is a writing machine.

Lotsa things to lotsa people.
I have three blogs on the Blogger platform. Get the Cat to Love You is about my delight in cats as pets, and my tips and tricks gleaned from decades as a cat rescuer and rehabilitator.

Last Ten, Last Time is about my adventures in weight loss and health, and my joy in finally realizing success in both arenas.

Reality Principles, the one right here, concerns... well, reality. This, like gravity, is the Big Subject that should concern everyone involved in manipulating ourselves through its iron rules. Yet, so often, it becomes shunted aside.

Essentially, this is my most personal blog, where my degree in psychology intersects with my love of the Tao.

As someone with lots of passionate interests, it is an act of will to confine myself to only three blogs. I choose subjects where I can match my enthusiasm with expertise.

This is how I can share my love informed by my learning. My Chromebook is an incredible tool that is actually designed for blogging needs; a big screen, an actual keyboard, a way of downloading pictures and minimally editing them.

Even offline.

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