Sunday, April 09, 2006

Reality FAQS

Don't we all make our own reality?


What we all do is make our own Mental Model of Reality. This guides our actions and lets us know what is and isn't possible. There really isn't any sense to trying what is truly impossible. Without a good sense of Actual Reality, we have no way of knowing one from the other.

Our goal should be to make our Mental Model of Reality match Actual Reality as closely as possible.

So we don't have any control over our own destiny?

Of course we do. In fact, our Mental Model of Reality is the only thing we can control. With a sturdy, well-functioning Mental Model of Reality, people have accomplished great things.

It's change, isn't it? Why are we so afraid of change?

Simply because NO ONE WANTS TO GIVE UP ANYTHING. It's why we have pens that don't write, underwear that won't stay up, and food in the refrigerator that won't get eaten but has not yet gone bad. Why has all this not been thrown away?


Yet it's the only way we get anything else. When the time for change has come, nothing will change unless we give something up. We have to trade.

If we find it difficult to throw away a pen that doesn't write, how much harder is it to give up something big...that doesn't work? It goes against our very nature, because:


The decision to give up Processed Reality is never easy. We been working on processing it into something we can live with all this time. And it seems that if we give up our laboriously ground up vision of the world, what we will be left with is...nothing.

Wrong thinking. What we gain is everything.

Instead of working so hard to rationalize our way into some kind of happiness, we can obtain the genuine article by interacting with actual reality to get some actual happiness.

Just as actual food, no matter how humble, satisfies our hunger more than daydreaming about banquets.

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